Power Circuit Breakers and Non-Automatic Switches

Noark A40 Power Circuit Breaker With Automatic Switch
Noark A40 ASD40 Circuit Breaker Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Noark A40 ASD40 Circuit Breaker Accessories Diagram

A40 Power circuit breakers and the accessories conform with ANSI C37.13, C37.16, C37.17 and C37.50 standards and are cULus 1066 certified.

A40 Power Circuit Breakers are available up to 4000 amps and are capable of interrupting ratings up to 100kA at 635 Volts, the maximum voltage can be up to 847Vac. UL Listed and CSA Certified, the A40 family of products provide design standardization for OEM’s no matter where they do business. A40 breakers offer a broad range of available trip units, accessories, and communications options. They are the ideal OEM solution for low voltage switchgear and customized power distribution assemblies used in Data Centers, Standby Power, Industrial, Healthcare and Commercial applications.


• 254Vac to 847Vac
• 4000A
• Interrupting Capacity ratings up to 100kA at 635Vac and 85kA at 847Vac
• Short-Time Withstand, 100kA at 635Vac and 85kA at 847Vac
• 50 or 60 HZ operation
• 3 Pole and 4 Pole designs
• 10,000 Operations, before maintenance (Mechanical)
• 4000 cycles at 635Vac, 3000 cycles at 847Vac before maintenance (Electrical)
• Meets ANSI C37.13, C37.16, C37.17 and C37.50

Protection & Control Options

• LI, LSI, or LSIG Protection
• Standard LED display
• Color LCD display available
• Optional multi-metering trip unit with total harmonic distortion analysis and waveform capture
• Stored energy operating mechanism
• AC and DC rated motor operator, shunt trip and undervoltage release accessories
• Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance Mode & ELM10 maintenance Switch
• Voltage Conversion Module VCM10 for high voltage protections
• Neutral CT NCT12N & RCT-1800 for neutral protections
• Zone Selective Interlocking
• RS-485 Modbus Communication available

Design Features

• Compact size with 3P breaker width 17.76 inches (451MM) only
• UL field-installable accessories
• 3 Pole and 4 Pole designs
• Phase barriers (optional)
• Available as Disconnect Switch (ASD40)

Noark Breaker Shunt Trip Release Guide
Shunt Trip Release

Opens the circuit breaker instantaneously when the coil is energized by a voltage input.

Noark Breaker Closing Release Guide
Closing Release

Remotely closes the circuit breaker when the coil is energized by a voltage input.

Noark Breaker Undervoltage Release Guide
Undervoltage Release

Opens the breaker when the supply voltage falls to 30–60% of rated voltage. If the release is not energized to 85% of its supply voltage, the circuit breaker cannot be closed electrically or manually.

Noark Breaker Auxiliary Contact Guide
Auxiliary Contact

Monitors ON/OFF position of power circuit breaker or Non-automatic switch remotely.
Contact configuration:
44: 4NO and 4NC; 66: 6NO and 6NC;
44C: 4NO or 4NC; 66C: 6NO or 6NC.

Noark Accessory Breaker Voltage Conversion Module
Voltage Conversion Module (VCM10)

The Voltage conversion module VCM10 is used to pick up the Power Circuit voltage signal and reduce the voltage.

VCM10 is mandatory for voltages higher than 635 Vac, if the type H control unit has been selected and the voltage protection is enabled.

Noark Breaker Motor Operator Guide
Motor Operator

Charges the closing spring of mechanism when the circuit breaker is closed.

Factory installed only.

Mechanical charging handle can be used with or without power supply.

Equipped with a limit switch contact which signals that spring is charged.

Noark Breaker Ready to Close Contact
Ready To Close Contact

This device is intended to be installed in A32 series power circuit breaker depending on customer’s requirements. It is used to indicate whether the operating mechanism can be closed.

Noark Breaker Energy Limiting Maintenance Switch
Energy-limiting maintenance switch

ELM10 is used to mitigate arc hazards and protect personal safety during product maintenance.
It should be used in coordination with Power Circuit Breakers with arc reduction function. While the Energy limiting function can be set or turned on in all trip unit models (M, A & H), the ELM10 is programmable with the Harmonic ‘H’ version trip unit and the applicable software version should be 0.91 or higher.

Noark Breaker OFF Position Keylock Guide
OFF Position Keylock

For A32 Power circuit breaker and ASD32 Non-automatic switch.
Blocks the breaker in the OFF position to ensure the breaker can not be closed.
One circuit breaker is provided with one lock and one key.
Two circuit breakers are provided with two locks and one key.
Three circuit breakers are provided with three locks and two keys.

Noark Circuit Breaker External Current Transformer For Neutral
External current transformer for Neutral (RCT-1800)

An external transformer for N-pole protection of three-pole circuit breakers in four-wire network, installed on the neutral conductor, the current transformer enables measurement and protection of the neutral conductor.
(The function is same to NCT12N)

Noark Breaker Door Frame Guide
Door Frame

IP40 Protection

Noark Pushbutton Locking Cover Guide
Pushbutton Locking Cover

Prevents access to the control push button of the breaker.

Factory installed only. Lock is not included.

Noark Breaker Phase Barrier Guide
Phase Barrier

Provides improved isolation between the terminal connectors on the back of the breaker or cassette. 3 Pole or 4 Pole kit.

Noark Breaker Mechanical Interlocking With Cables Guide
Mechanical Interlocking With Cables

For interlocking of 2 or 3 (in preparation) breakers.
Cable length for maximum distance of mounting positions of interlocks 78in(2m).
Suitable for A32 Power circuit breaker and ASD32 Non-automatic switch
2 interlocks and 2 cables (2 breakers version), 3 interlocks and 6 cables (3 breakers version)