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Product Features

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The NOARK Electric range of A32 Power Circuit Breakers is available with current ratings up to 3200 A. With a wide offering of available protection, measuring and additional functions, the A32 is the ideal solution for many applications. They are engineered to meet or exceed the unique and demanding requirements of today’s global power distribution systems.

A32 Power Circuit Breakers conform with ANSI C37.13, C37.16, C37.17, and C37.50 standards. They are true cULus 1066 listed low voltage power circuit breakers, designed for the highest performance requirements of switchgear and specialty enclosure applications.

A32 Power Circuit Breakers provide specific ratings, features and monitoring to optimize performance when applied in power distribution equipment and enclosures.The A32 is also offered also as a switch disconnect.

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  • Interrupting current and short-time withstand current rating up to 100kA @ 635 Vac
  • 10000 times mechanical life & 6000 times electrical life without maintenance
  • Fixed and drawout versions
  • 3 and 4 pole configurations
  • Can be used for 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Zone-selective interlocking – Improve coordination for multiple
    control units short time protection and ensure the continuous
    running of your system”
  • Arc flash reduction maintenance mode – Reduces the risk of
    injury and damage”
  • Triple color indication – Clear identification of breaker running
  • Fixed and drawout versions – Easy maintenance and
  • Rotating terminals – Allows for convenient and flexible
  • Ready for closing indication – Added safety while powered on

Product Selection Guide

Cassette Selection

Product Selection Guide

Control Unit

The Control Unit is designed to protect the power distribution system and load, suitable for 50/60Hz grid. It is primarily used for power distribution and feeder protection. It also provides protection for the circuits and power equipment against overload, short circuit, ground fault, current unbalance, over-voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency and reactive power. The Control Unit insures the grid is running properly with a load monitor, demand protection and zone interlock. It provides valuable grid status information by measuring current, voltage, power, frequency, energy, and harmonics. The Control Unit also records fault, alarm, operation, max history current, and contact wear. For power grids with network communication, the Control Unit can be used as a remote end in power automation to accurately monitor telemetry, telesignaling, telecontrol, and teleregulation.

The A32 control units are designed for use in a wide range of applications. The complete, flexible protection control unit can be adapted to the actual level of protection required, independently of the complexity of the system. They have different performances, to meet any requirement, from simple to advanced applications.

• Control Unit 2.0 series with LI protection
• Control Unit 3.0 series with LSI protection
• Control Unit 4.0 series with LSIG protection

Product Selection Guide

All the three types of control units are available in 3 variants with suffix M, A, and H.
• M – The variant M is basic type with the integrated LED display;
• A – For version A, it is Ammeter type with the integrated LCD display, offers a dditional detailed current analysis, it means that detailed information about currents can be shown on the integrated LCD display;
• H – The most complex variant H provides full net analysis including measuring and calculation of harmonic content, with the integrated LCD display.


An extensive range of accessories are available for the A32 power (air) circuit breakers.
Each accessory can be installed as an independent unit thanks to the modular architecture of the A32. This makes installation and maintenance simple for technicians.

Auxiliary Contact

Monitors ON/OFF position of power circuit breaker or Non-automatic switch remotely.
Contact configuration:
44: 4NO and 4NC; 66: 6NO and 6NC;
44C: 4NO or 4NC; 66C: 6NO or 6NC.

Shunt Trip Release

Opens the circuit breaker instantaneously when the coil is energized by a voltage input.

Closing Release

Remotely closes the circuit breaker when the coil is energized by a voltage input.

Undervoltage Release

Opens the breaker when the supply voltage falls to 30–60% of rated voltage. If the release is not energized to 85% of its supply voltage, the circuit breaker cannot be closed electrically or manually.

Position Indicator

Indicates the position of the breaker – connected, testing, disconnected. For drawout type devices only. 3 CO contacts, one contact for each breaker position.
Connected to secondary terminals #58, 59, 60 (Connected), #61, 62, 63 (Test),
#64, 65, 66 (Disconnected). Factory installed only – in the scope of delivery there are additional secondary terminals #58-66

OFF Position Keylock

For A32 Power circuit breaker and ASD32 Non-automatic switch.
Blocks the breaker in the OFF position to ensure the breaker can not be closed.
One circuit breaker is provided with one lock and one key.
Two circuit breakers are provided with two locks and one key.
Three circuit breakers are provided with three locks and two keys.

Rear Connection Plate
Motor Operator

Charges the closing spring of mechanism when the circuit breaker is closed.
Factory installed only.
Mechanical charging handle can be used with or without power supply.
Equipped with a limit switch contact which signals that spring is charged.

Ready To Close Contact

This device is intended to be installed in A32 series power circuit breaker depending on customer’s requirements. It is used to indicate whether the operating mechanism can be closed.

Door Frame

IP40 Protection.

Pushbutton Locking Cover

Prevents access to the control push button of the breaker.
Factory installed only. Lock is not included.

Phase Barrier

Provides improved isolation between main terminals.
Delivered as set (2pcs for 3P version, 3 pcs for 4P version).

Mechanical Interlocking With Cables

For interlocking of 2 or 3 (in preparation) breakers.
Cable length for maximum distance of mounting positions of interlocks 78in(2m).
Suitable for A32 Power circuit breaker and ASD32 Non-automatic switch
2 interlocks and 2 cables (2 breakers version), 3 interlocks and 6 cables (3 breakers version).

Door Interlock

Ensures that door of distribution board cannot be open when the circuit breaker is closed or in test position.