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Electrical Testing Apparatus Commission Service and Supply

who We Are

At ETAC, we are committed to powering the projects of industries across North America — be it manufacturing, construction, industrial, renewable energy sectors such as solar and wind, or burgeoning industries such as cryptocurrency and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Our objective is to streamline your journey from planning to execution with our products and services.

Our Advantages

Industry-Leading Lead Times

Our close partnerships with manufacturers enable us to deliver our electrical products with significantly shorter lead times, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every project is unique. We focus on providing custom-made solutions, tailored to meet your requirements.

We Provide Everything You Need for Stress Free electrical Distribution Projects

cost efficient

We help clients by providing customized cost-effective equipment.

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product testing

We provide testing before the product leaves our manufacturing floor to ensure our customers receives the highest quality product

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Firm Deadlines

We work with customer timeframes to create schedules for work to ensure any and all deadlines are met