EV DC Fast Charger

ETAC EV DC Fast Charger
ETAC EV Charger diagram
ETAC EV Charger Profile
ETAC EV Prefabricated Substation

Our ETAC solution for EV DC fast charging infrastructure combines a Prefabricated Substation and Charging Station, providing a comprehensive fast charging service wherever it’s needed

Inside the ETAC Prefabricated, you’ll find an MV Switchgear Room that connects directly to the grid for power supply. A 1600kVA, 25kV to 480V transformer. The LV Switchgear room then distributes power to five independent DC Fast Chargers.

Each DC Fast Charger is equipped with two CCS1 charging ports, capable of delivering up to 200kW for fast EV charging.

Prefabricated Substation:

Rated Power: 1600kVA

Rated Voltage:

  • 25/12.5 kV to 480V
  • 13.8kV to 480V

Our offered EV charger is a user-friendly dual-port DC Fast Charger, delivering up to 200KW peak charging power. It features an interactive display screen, card reader, electricity meter, charging module, controller, and protective cabinet, all backed by robust safety features for reliable operation.

Main Functions:

  • Compatibility with North America standard charging protocols.
  • Support both online and offline AC charging modes.
  • Integrated 4G cellular module.
  • Online diagnosis and update capabilities.
  • Payment options include RFID card payment and credit card pre-authorization.
  • Flexible charging modes: Automatic stop when fully charged (RFID) and charging to a set amount (credit card).