1200A Switchboard

Low Voltage Switchboard Installation with the switchboards door open revealing the NOARK breakers inside
1200A Switchboard at Rutherford Farm
1200Amps Switchboard Nameplate
ETAC 1200A Switchboard Nameplate
CSA Certificate

Product Details

Amps: 1200A

Voltage: 600V

Short Circuit Rating: 42kA

Phase: 3 

Wire: 3

Short Circuit Current Rating: 50kA

Enclosure: NEMA 3R

Features: Complete with Neutral Grounding Sensor

Switchboard consisting of:

  • One (1) NOARK – Model M6 Breaker, 1200AF 1200AT – Main
  • One (1) NOARK – Model M4 Breaker, 600AF 600AT
  • Two (2) NOARK – Model M4 Breaker, 400AF 400AT
  • Five (5) NOARK – Model M2 Breaker, 250AF 200AT
  • One (1) NOARK – Neutral Current Sensor
Switchboard Location in Manitoba
Switchboard Location in Manitoba