All about Circuit Breakers: A Comprehensive Overview

Understanding Their Advantages And Applications

November 30, 2023  

Breakers are electrical protection devices designed to automatically interrupt circuits during overloads, short circuits, or ground faults. Widely utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, breakers safeguard electrical circuits and equipment from overcurrent damage.

Available in various types, such as thermal-magnetic, magnetic, and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), breakers come in a diverse range of sizes and ratings to accommodate different electrical equipment.

NOARK molded case circuit breaker annotated diagram highlighting key information

Why Choose Breakers?

Breakers are preferred over fuses due to several advantages. Unlike fuses, breakers can be reset after an overcurrent event, saving time and money on replacements. Breakers also trip faster and have more accurate current ratings, providing superior protection for electrical equipment.

Noark molded case breakdown of key parts and accessories
Typical Molded Case Breaker Accessories

Advantages Of Breakers

  • Accurate current rating: Breakers offer precise current ratings, enhancing their reliability in protecting electrical equipment.

  • Easy to reset: Breakers can be conveniently reset after an overcurrent event, unlike fuses.

  • Faster trip time: Breakers trip more quickly than fuses, offering better protection against potential damage.

  • Lower long-term costs: Resettable breakers are more cost-effective than disposable fuses.

Application Of Breakers

  • Breakers serve various purposes, including:

  • Residential homes: Breakers commonly protect residential electrical circuits from overcurrent.

  • Commercial buildings: Breakers safeguard electrical equipment in commercial buildings, such as air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, and computer systems.

  • Industrial settings: Breakers defend electrical equipment like motors, generators, and transformers in industrial environments.

Breakers are crucial components of modern electrical systems. Offering several advantages over fuses, breakers provide greater accuracy, faster trip times, and the convenience of resetting after overcurrent events. Widely used across various applications, breakers reliably protect electrical equipment from overcurrent damage. At ETAC we provide a comprehensive range of breakers and accessories sourced from NOARK to meet your needs.